The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

May 8, 2019

It’s that time of year again—Mother’s Day—and you’re stuck scratching your head trying to figure out what “the kids” could get mom for Mother’s Day. She’ll smile when they run in as you bring her breakfast in bed, and the flowers will be a nice touch. She’ll love the artwork they made her at school, but seriously, what is that perfect gift that will make her smile and maybe even tear up a little bit?

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, it’s not jewelry. A thirty minute massage (or even an hour if you splurge) is always appreciated, but that’s not it either. The one gift that Mom is sure to treasure is a photograph. Yep, you heard me, a photograph! But not just any photograph, the photo that mom will love is one of her with her babies (and even you too dad!).

Let me tell you why mom will love this gift:

  1. It’s unique—you always see and hear adds for the same thing at Mother’s Day, but photographs (whether family or just her and her babies) is not something most people will advertise for. Another thing to consider, no one else will have exactly what she has because no one else has her family!
  2. It’s personal— she has and will get plenty of gifts throughout her life time, but only her family can fulfill this gift and there’s nothing more that a mother treasures than her babies (regardless of how big they’ve gotten)
  3. She will have it forever—that’s right, mom will never part with this gift because with each day that passes by, her babies grow and her family changes. A photograph capturing that particular time will always hold value in her heart as she can never go back to that time.  

So you’re saying, “Great Molli, but Mother’s Day is this Sunday (May 12) and I can’t get printed photos of the my wife with the kids/family by then.” While it may be hard, if not impossible, to squeeze in a session of non-cheesy department store type photos before then, there’s still a solution! Instead of giving mom that photograph, give her the paid session & print products and let her schedule a time for the session that will work for you guys. You can even throw in Hair & Make up for some special pampering to make mom look and feel her best during your photo session!

You may be thinking, “Basically you’re telling me to get my wife a gift card for Mother’s Day–sounds kind of impersonal.” But I’d argue that it’s not “just a gift card”. Mom is not shopping for herself or someone else with this, she’s taking the opportunity you provided her to put a pause on the day to day craziness, spend time with you all as a family and to freeze time & capture your future memories in the form of a photograph. And that my friend, is a truly special gift that she will love this Mother’s Day!

So if you’re still with me and you agree that this is the perfect Mother’s Day gift, shoot me a note (click the “Send me a note” at the bottom of the page). I’d love to get your portrait session setup and will send you the perfect little Mother’s Day package to give her this Sunday (act fast, there’s only three business days left to get that in the mail for a Saturday delivery ????)!  

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